Material Deposition & Development Services

Our team can provide custom materials development and film deposition services using our solution deposition technology.

Materials Development

SDS offers our expert R&D services for ZnO properties, patterns, and morphologies. We can work with you to optimize the properties of transparent conductive ZnO or other materials for your unique application. Please contact us for more information about our development services.

Deposition Services

Epitaxial deposition of transparent conductive ZnO on GaN up to 100mm/4″ wafers

Epitaxial ZnO (top layer) grown on GaN stack.

  • N-type doping
  • 10-3 Ω-cm resistivity
  • Very low optical absorption
  • Highly uniform materials properties
  • Experience with ZnO deposition on LED and laser diode Epi wafers

Non-Epitaxial deposition of transparent conductive ZnO or nanorod arrays on substrates up to 100mm/4″ diameter

  • Deposition on a variety of substrates, including glass and silicon
  • Uniform conformal ZnO deposition on textured substrate

SEM of polycrystalline ZnO on Si.

SEM of ZnO nanowires on Si.

SEM of ZnO on textured Si.