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SDS specializes in developing equipment and materials for low cost, solution-based methods for synthesis and deposition of advanced materials.

P-100: Advanced Chemical Bath Deposition (CBD) Tool

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The P-100 is an automated chemical bath deposition tool for R&D or low volume production applications that require precision control of deposition parameters. The touchscreen based operation of the P-100 is simple and straightforward, but allows for complete recipe-based control of all deposition parameters.

The P-100 has been optimized for deposition of epitaxial, polycrystalline, or nanostructured ZnO layers, but is fully compatible with thermally-driven chemical bath deposition of many other materials. Please contact us with any questions about equipment capabilities.


  • Touchscreen based user interface
  • Automated process control with unlimited recipe creation
  • Digital logging of deposition settings and conditions
  • Chemically resistant all-fluoropolymer and PEEK-wetted parts
  • Continuous solution flow for linear deposition rates
  • PID temperature control of deposition solution
  • Substrate rotation for high quality homogeneous films
  • Integrated post-deposition substrate rinsing
  • Automated deposition chamber cleaning cycle
  • Compatible with micro-fabrication processes
  • Compatible with CBD chemistry for numerous materials including ZnO, ZnS, SnO2, CdS, CdTe, In2S3, and more


Internal Volume (Empty)850 mL
Internal Volume (w/ Rotor)600 mL
Chamber MaterialPTFE and PEEK
Chamber Flow Rate0 - 15 mL/min
Heating RateUp to 2.5°C/min
Max Temp100°C
Max Rotor Speed150 RPM
Solution Storage Capacity2.5 L

If any of these specifications do not fit your needs, we can work with you to customize the P-100 for your specific deposition requirements.

Custom Equipment

SDS can customize the P-100 or work with you to design a fully custom piece of equipment to meet your specific needs. In addition to equipment for chemical bath deposition, SDS specializes in high purity/corrosive chemical delivery systems. Whether you have specific requirements or just a general idea of what you want to do, SDS is here to work with you to develop high-quality, cost-effective solutions. Contact us now to start the process.

Possible P-100 customization includes:

  • Wafer size and capacity
  • Solution storage vessel capacity
  • Solution chemistry compatibility
  • Additional process monitoring

Other custom equipment and modules:

  • High purity and/or corrosive chemical delivery
  • Chemical bath deposition chambers

Custom development platform.

High capacity chemical bath deposition chamber.

Fluid delivery system for high purity and/or corrosive chemicals.