Low cost technology and equipment for aqueous solution based synthesis & deposition of advanced materials.

About SDS

Company Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide technology and equipment that enables semiconductor and optoelectronic device manufacturers to utilize environmentally friendly water-based synthesis & deposition of advanced materials to reduce manufacturing costs and/or enhance device performance. We were founded on the concept that the advanced materials that enable modern technology don't necessarily have to be expensive, hazardous, or environmentally damaging to produce, which is why we are focused on making materials the way nature often does, from aqueous (water-based) solution. Aqueous solution routes to material synthesis and thin film deposition offer intrinsic advantages in capital equipment cost and process scalability, and enable utilization of self-assembly and other "bottom-up" approaches for achieving unique properties through nano-structuring of materials. Our vision for commercializing this technology is to provide a complete materials technology solution to customers, including all the capital equipment, consumable materials, IP licenses and knowhow, and development services necessary to implement the technology into production.


We specialize in developing equipment and technology for solution-based synthesis and deposition of advanced materials and we offer standard and custom equipment solutions.


Our team can provide custom materials development and film deposition services using our solution deposition technology.

Nation Science Foundation Supported

Solution Deposition Systems, Inc. has been awarded Phase I & II Small Business Research grants from the NSF

Department of Energy Supported

Solution Deposition Systems, Inc. has been awarded a Phase I Small Business Research grant by the DOE.

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